Erin Eyes

About Erin Eyes

Clare Valley, Australia

Having sold his share in Neagles Rock Vineyards, Steve Wiblin struck out in his own with his own label, Erin Eyes. He describes the inspiration for the very personal name thus - “In 1842 my English convict forebear John Wiblin gazed into a pair of Erin eyes. That gaze changed our family make-up and history forever. In the Irish-influenced Clare Valley, what else would I call my wines but Erin Eyes?”

The cornerstone of this outstanding range of wines is of course Riesling, but Steve also dabbles very successfully with the alternative varietals so perfectly suited to Clare’s unique climate. Highlights include a rich Malbec and a moreish Sangiovese, as well as classic Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

James Halliday 5 Red Star Winery
Vintage Wine Pack Size
2016/17 'Emerald Isle' Riesling 12
2016/17 'Pride of Erin' Riesling 12
2014/15 Sangiovese 12
2014/15 Malbec 12
2015 'Blarney Stone' Shiraz 12
2015 'Ballycapple' Cabernet Sauvignon 12