Monte Ory

About Monte Ory

Navarra, Spain

Back in the sixties, Rioja winemaker Luis Gurpegui Muga made the decision to purchase a new winery specifically for the production of wines from Navarra. He found what he was looking for in the town on Villafranca, near the banks of the mighty Ebro river, and set to work remodelling the old winery for modern production.

The winery itself was named after the 2000m Ori mountain, situated in the far western part of the Pyrenees, on the frontier of the old kingdom of Navarra and the French Basque country. This mysterious mountain holds great importance in Basque mythology, where it was fabled the goddess of nature, Mari, and the lord of the forest, Basajaun, lived.

Vintage Wine Pack Size
2018 Monte Ory Rosado 12
2014 Monte Ory Tempranillo Crianza 12