Willoughby Park
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Willoughby Park Shiraz
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Willoughby Park Great Southern, WA

Available : ACT / NSW / QLD / VIC
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Pristine wines from the wild southern coast of Western Australia

On Western Australia's south coast, where the Southern Ocean has sculpted a raw and dramatic coastline lies a tiny vineyard. Lodged at the very end of the Porongurup Ranges, on the left flank of the Kalgan River, it is an ideal location for the production of elegant whites and expressive reds, with Riesling and Chardonnay the unsurprising standouts.


Vintage Description Pack Size Tasting Note
2017 Shiraz 12
2018 Cabernet Sauvignon 12
19/20 Kalgan River Estate Riesling 12
2019 Kalgan River Estate Chardonnay 12
2017 Kalgan River Estate Shiraz 12
2017 Kalgan River Estate Cabernet 12
2019 IronRock Riesling 6
18/19 IronRock Chardonnay 6

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