La Spinona
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La Spinona Piemonte, Italy

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La Spinona - a name associated with the terroir of Piedmonte

The winery is composed of 24 hectares of estate vineyards and 4 cascine (farmsteads: La Spinona, La Ghiga, Albina, and Bergera). The heart of Barbaresco, a town in the UNESCO region of Piedmont, is home to 20 hectares of these vineyards.

The cultivated vine varieties include Nebbiolo for Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, and Chardonnay, the only white grape variety. The remaining 4 hectares are located in the town of Novello, in a fantastic vineyard which enjoys full southern exposure for the cultivation of Nebbiolo for Barolo.

La Spinona, a name associated with the terroir, originates from an important family member: the ever-present memory of their Spinone Italiano-breed dog called Baica. A friend who accompanied Pietro on his journey over the years, saving the life of his son Gualtiero when he fell into the Tanaro river during a hunting trip. To show his gratitude, Pietro decided to pay tribute to Baica by placing her as the winery logo.

Vintage Description Pack Size Tasting Note
20 Dolcetto D'Alba 12
20 Langhe Nebbiolo 12
19 Barbaresco Bricco Faset 6
16 Barbaresco Bricco Faset 6
19 Barbaresco Secondine 6
16 Barbaresco Secondine 6
16 Barbaresco Sori Gepin 6
19 Barbaresco Bergera-Pezzole Sori Gepin 6

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