Poderi Dal Nespoli

About Poderi Dal Nespoli

Emilia Romagna, Italy

“ Our wine is the spirit of Romagna. In it we concentrate the essence of a land that lives for conviviality.”

Almost a century ago, in 1929, in part of Romagna between the Apennines and the sea, Attilio Ravaioli planted the rows of vines on the first vineyard he bought in the village of Nespoli. The vineyard was named Prugneto, a name still carried on the label of their entry level Sangiovese, but their land holdings have since expanded to a total of 110 hectares. Their home in the Bidente Valley has a unique, almost magical terroir, creating perfect conditions for the production of quality Sangiovese.

Vintage Wine Pack Size
2017/19 Dogheria Pinot Bianco 12
2017/18 Prugneto Sangiovese Superiore 12