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Cantina Tombacco Campania, Italy

Available : ACT / NSW / QLD / VIC / WA
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Outstanding value southern Italian wines bursting with flavour and character

Tombacco is a generational winery founded in 1919, now in the hands of brothers Cristian and Andrea. Their delightfully vintage labels pay homage to the first labels ever released by the winery a century ago.

These outstanding-value wines hail from the sun-drenched regions of Abruzzo, Campania and Molise and represent the unashamedly robust and rustic nature of the great wines of southern Italy.

Vintage Description Pack Size Tasting Note
2021 Tombacco Pecorino di Chieti 12
2020 Tombacco Aglianico del Beneventano 12
2014 Biferno Rosso Riserva (Montepulciano) 12

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